What kind of church is this?

Do you miss the way Church was supposed to be? Long, long ago, people gathered with genuine hope and love for each other. There was no concern for a person’s gender, ethnicity, social status, or life situation.
They gathered in homes, synagogues, underground, and in the forests.
They shared meals, prayer requests, dreams, and they worshiped together.
This happened in the first Century, when Jesus established the church by sending His Holy Spirit. But it didn’t really stop. It just hasn’t always been easy to find. We want to be that community of faith for you. We want to help you, and we look forward to you adding what the Lord has given you.
Whether you’re an individual or a family, we want to help you be a committed follower of Jesus. We want to learn together how to honor God with our lives, choices, decisions and vocations. Will you come and join us?

Our Worship might be called traditional but not necessarily “old”. We sing great hymns of the faith from the 1700s to the 2010s.
The Preaching and teaching is Bible based and expresses classic Christianity and commitment to the Good News of Jesus Christ.
We try to take some of the lessons learned by the contemporary church in areas of outreach, service, and community and combine them with the Bible teaching, disciple-making, and worship of a more traditional church and worship service. So, we sing hymns (classic and contemporary), have Sunday Bible study, reach out through service, make disciples; pray, serve, and party together, and generally try to do church in a Biblical way.