Community Outreach

Sharing the Love of Jesus
Reaching The Smithfield Mile
Love Your Neighbor

At FBC Smithfield, we still believe that personal evangelism is the greatest way to Reach the Smithfield Mile with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every week, we take the gospel to homes in our surrounding community and share the love of Jesus with our neighbors.

Reaching the Smithfield Mile initiative advances FBC Smithfield’s evangelistic focus beyond a specific geographical area by encouraging church members to share the Gospel wherever they are with whomever they meet. Formally, this means doing evangelism both inside and outside the two-mile radius of the church, including nearby parks, schools, and universities. Informally, this means fostering a consistent evangelistic lifestyle in every church member of FBC Smithfield. 

FBC Smithfield has many different ways for everyone to participate in this evangelistic outreach. First, you can receive personal evangelism training from the Pastor, who leads evangelism groups each week. If you would like to join us, we meet every Sunday at 4:00 PM in the Fellowship hall and then go out shortly after.

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